Teach Your Monster Number Skills - The magical way to practice numbers

Child playing the educational game Number Skills on an iPad

About the game

  • Designed in collaboration with experts in early years mathematics.
  • Fun-filled games offer exciting new ways to practice numbers.
  • Aligned with Pre-K/Reception curriculum and enjoyable for ages 4-6+.
  • 80 levels provide structured practice in addition, subtraction, counting, number bonds to 10 and more.

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Our games are designed to complement programmes used in schools.

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  • “My Grade 1 students were engaged even though they were playing the basic subitizing levels…They need the practice even if they might not know it!”

    Susan, Teacher — Florida

  • “A great game to get to grips with number, offering progression from one mini-game to the next.”

    Helen, parent and teacher

  • “I love letting my child play Teach Your Monster's new game! The games are easy for him to learn, and the concepts met him right where he is with numbers.”

    Meaghan, Parent

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